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Did NOT see that coming. Hmm.

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See work in progress here.

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Finished here. Sketch at least.

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Livestream 8/28/2014

Feel like livestreaming because why not.

Aside from the hour. Shut up.

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Legend of Korra

This pretty much describes me and my dad’s relationship during Legend of Korra.



Watching LOK was torture because that’s all I hear, UGH.

He also always gets mad that there’s no Mexicans in it and… UGH, WHO CARES?


Below has a bit of spoilers for the Legend of Korra finale:

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Ended up with a Diancie a moment ago… I miss my shiny Mesprit, it didn’t look like a pink princess. Person was pretty adamant on getting a Keldeo and I honestly didn’t expect them to accept the trade lol.

Oh, and sorry about Diancie, I’ve never drawn it before.

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Kibbles n’ Bits turned 2 today!


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Rest in peace, Robin Williams.

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The shit I deal with. My dumb bird is always determined to land on my glasses.

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If I had no self control this blog would just be full of doodles of Donnie posted every two minutes.

They’re quite adorable, honestly.