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Did this about a week and a half ago. FINALLY got a chance to post it, yay.
Of course, seeing it after a while makes you notice all the mistakes :|
So does flipping it. Flipping it horizontally helps you notice why it looks all awkward. Don’t do that to my pictures though; you’ll cringe your head off.

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Anonymous asked: Why won't you add some TMNT lover pics, like Donnie and April or Karai and Leo or Kasey and April? I was just thinking because it's close to Christmas! 🎄

I saw this message a few days before Christmas and I WAS going to do it and post it somewhere between the 21-25 but then I got sick on the 22, was unconscious all of the 23, and then by the 24 was too lazy to do anything. Sorry. Maybe New Years? I doubt it though.

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Ugh, just got myself overly excited about Sherlock. Can’t…. outwardly express it… in… a public library….

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insanity-in-boxes asked: I wish I could art like you... Ahhh Your style is so cute!!

Thank you. Can’t draw much at the moment though. It’s pretty cold in my house and my fingers despise cold.

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My life needs more Leatherhead in it.

Yours and mine both, deerbot. Yours and mine both.

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So I’ve decided to do a TMNT secret Santa at the lair and have had a few people sign up there… I’m extending this to the Tumblr community as well (this is a separate Secret Santa from what I’m doing on my own website, which you should all check out…) SEGWAY

BASICALLY: If you want to participate,…

Should I or should I not participate? I honestly can’t decide ._.

One concern is if I’ll get whatever it is done in time.

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I went from 260 followers to almost 300 without posting a thing. You guys are so weird. Here’s a perplexed Donnie.

Yay for 298 followers. It’s a rather unappreciated number.

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Oh look. Yay. I’m still cold.

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Yeah, so, I lost internet. Sad face. Anyway, I can still go to the public library every few days but you probably won’t see me too much. I’d prefer to pay my dentist bill than have internet for now…

I’m thinking about maybe working on something like a modified version of the 30 day TMNT challenge (by modified I mean for specifically the 2012 version), episode reviews or maybe answer some questions… I dunno. I’ll still be drawing but they won’t be posted right away.

If I do the challenge or reviews I can have them automatically posted for me so my blog would be consistently updated.

Send in replies or suggestions as to what I should do and I’ll respond maybe tomorrow, this weekend or next week. (I’ll be able to read them on my mom’s phone though, so yeah)

See you later.

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estel87 asked: Your art soooo funny and cute!XD Is possible to see something about Donnie that make him so angry?? XD

I would draw it now since I have 2 hours to kill but it’s so cold in this building that my fingers are having a hard time moving. Maybe I should sit on them…
Sooo… here’s an angry donnie thing. Someone stole his tictacs or something… I dunno. Seriously though, I’ll draw something when I get home.